AS Colour - Quality Basics

Think Uniforms has partnered with AS Colour as they stand with us on the beliefs of sustainability. AS Colour has great quality products that can be worn in many industries, they design and manufacture quality basics. Taking their time with every product they make, they design and produce premium apparel that will stand the test of time.

AS Colour is guided by three key principles:  – Quality is key – Respect the details – Keep it simple.

AS Colour is a popular choice for

The key to our sourcing is finding the right people with the right values. Whilst auditing factories and developing our management systems and policies is important to providing an ethical sourcing framework, more important is to find and work with factory owners and management who share our values, operate a culture of dignity and respect, are in for the long term, and who like us we are willing to embrace change and continuous improvement.

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  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Education

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