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Swanndri is one of our most popular brands when it comes to outwear. They also align with our values at Think Uniforms, the clothing is extremely durable and hardworking, simple, functional, stylish and simply some of the highest quality you can buy. Their oilskin range is like none other, they offer a huge range to cater for all. Simply add your company branding to these garments and they truly become yours.

Popular industries Swanndri is known for

We’ve always kept our customers comfortable on the farms, in the mountains, and in forests of New Zealand and around the world, but today we also keep them comfortable and looking sharp in the cities. Swanndri’s signature style extends beyond the rural environment and our range is a real crowd pleaser with city folk, too.

We source the highest quality wool we can get our hands on from farms throughout New Zealand. We hate to be the ones to say “told you so” but some people in the industry are only just catching on that wool ticks all the boxes of sustainability, durability, and comfort. We’ve known that for more than 100 years.

  • Farming
  • Trades
  • Corporate
  • Outdoors

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