Syzmik - Works As Hard As You Do

Think Uniforms has partnered with Syzmik to provide the leading workwear brand, specialising in technologically advanced Industrial Workwear.

The fabric quality and compliance with safety standards are our top priorities. Under development and continuous strict testing for safety compliance, durability, and comfort the SYZMIK range of workwear has been developed to meet the needs of hardworking men and women in the workplace across a variety of industries.

Syzmik offers a full range of Hi Vis and workwear uniforms for all work environments and requirements. This also includes a full range of Fire retardant clothing, these garments have been designed for comfort and safety and come in men’s and ladies cuts.

Tees & Polos


Pants & Shorts

Jacket & Vests

Hoodies & Fleece


Fire Armour


Popular industries Syzmik workwear is known for

Manufacturer and supplier of tradie workwear and hi-vis clothing. Syzmik was established in 2013 with a desire to create workwear products using technologically advanced fabrics. Our aim is to make hardworking tradies feel tough onsite yet stylish offsite with our extensive testing, quality engineering, and innovative fabric technologies. We manufacture workwear for trades and specialise in developing products using innovative fabrics and technologies. We ensure our products are hardworking and that we are ahead of the curve with technological advances in workwear. We aren’t afraid to try new things, and we consider the end-user of our products, ensuring apparel is not only durable and comfortable but also practical.

Syzmik Workwear has a range of work clothing that boasts:

  • 140% More breathability than traditional work pants
  • 77% More tearing strength than traditional work pants
  • 120% More breathability than traditional work shirts
  • 190% More tearing strength than traditional work shirts
  • Electrition
  • Builders
  • Scaffolding
  • Plumbers
  • Automotive
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Brick Layers
  • Railway

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