Embroidery and screen printing are 2 great decoration methods and they are very good at adding logos to clothing. With that being said, they do provide plenty of value and quality, and results as a whole are very impressive. It’s always important to understand which is the better option, and we are here to help. Which makes us wonder, what should you choose if you want to decorate clothing pieces? Let’s find out.

What is screen printing? What is embroidery?

In the case of screen printing, the logo is created via squeezing ink through various mesh screens. This is added directly to the garment. One thing to keep in mind here is that you need a separate mesh screen for every color in the logo. That means if you have a design with many colors, it needs more work and it does become more expensive. With that in mind, the process can be automated, yet the loading and unloading process is still manual.

When it comes to embroidery, the logo is created by stitching threads onto the fabric. However, this is not manual, the entire process is fully automated and it uses embroidery machines. They usually have 12 or more sewing heads and each has around 15 needles.


Generally, it all depends on the garment and how complex your logo really is. Setting up embroidery is cheaper when compared to screen printing. When a logo is more complex, screen printing is cheaper since embroidery raises up costs quite a lot there and it might also take more time.


For lightweight garments and shirts, screen printing is the ideal option because it has a softer handle and it’s better for larger designs and logos. Embroidery is however better for polo and business shirts. It can also be a good solution for outerwear and caps too, which is a great idea to take into consideration.


According to the way you set things up, either one can be great and with a very high speed. As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to more complex designs, embroidery can be a bit slower. That being said, both of them are very fast, so you don’t really have to worry about any possible issues that might arise. Which is what makes embroidery such a great option and one of the better solutions for you to focus on. It’s totally worth considering it at the very least, just like screen printing.


As you can see, both screen printing and embroidery have their pros and cons, but they can be ideal for adding logos and designs on shirts, caps and other garments. When it comes to which is the better option, it all comes down to a variety of different situations. Your focus has to be on quality and value, while also pushing the boundaries and finding the appropriate system. It’s well worth taking your time and adapting accordingly, and in the end you will find it easier to identify what works and what doesn’t.