If you’re looking for an innovative, creative way of printing, then screen printing is one of the best options to keep in mind. Not only is it very innovative and professional, but it conveys amazing results and it provides an incredible value for money. With that being said, it’s important to know more about screen printing, its applications and benefits as well.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is also called silkscreen printing or silk screening. This is a process through which you are transferring the stenciled design on a surface using a mesh screen and ink, as well as a rubber blade. You create a stencil on the mesh screen, and then you push the ink in order to imprint the design on the surface below. Generally you will do screen printing on surfaces like fabric or paper.

However, not a lot of people know this, but screen printing can be great on plastic, wood and metal as well. It’s become a very popular printing method because it’s fast, efficient and easy to adapt to your needs.

Screen printing applications

Screen printing has a vast range of applications, it all depends on what you want to use it for. A lot of businesses use screen printing to imprint various designs on clothing. It can also be suitable for decals and stickers, product labels, sports products, merchandise, displays, signs, balloons, medical devices and many others. A great thing to note here is that screen printing is more versatile when compared to other printing techniques, since you can add designs to a material regardless of its thickness, size and shape.

Screen printing benefits

Is it a good idea to choose screen printing over other forms of printing? Yes, and one of the main reasons is that this is a versatile printing method. You can use it on glass, wood, plastic, fabric and even metal. In addition, you can also use a variety of colors too, which is incredibly helpful.

On top of that, screen printing is also bringing durable designs. You can also use additives and coatings to make the ink chemical, moisture or scratch resistant. That alone makes a huge difference and it conveys astounding results. The ink colors are vibrant too, which is incredibly important for any printing method.

As we mentioned earlier, screen printing is also very fast. This is an efficient and affordable printing method that will help you save plenty of time and money. It’s also rather easy to set up, and maintenance costs are minimal too. That makes it suitable for any type of printing project.


It’s always a great idea to take your time and find the right printing method that suits your needs. With help from screen printing, you can easily create amazing, visually impressive prints on a multitude of materials. The ink colors remain vibrant, and your prints will last for a very long time. Plus, you also get to save money too, which is very important. So, if you were looking for an efficient, dependable printing method, this is definitely the right one for you!