When it comes to screen printing and direct to garment printing there are a few differences and both of these methods have their pros and cons. Before deciding on what branding method to go with, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What volume are you looking to produce?
  2. What type of garment will we be printing on?
  3. What is the quality and color complexity of the artwork?

The answers to these questions will dictate which method is best for your project.

Screen Printing is hands down the best process to use for most garments.

  1. It is more cost effective over any larger volume
  2. There are multiple ink options available- Plastisol, Waterbased, Specialty
  3. There are very few fabric limitations

Screenprinting does have one large con and that is that it is not good for small orders. There are also minimums in place based off of color count, so that is the other limiting factor.

DTG (Direct-to-Garment) is a great alternative to Screen Printing for many reasons. It is an option that uses a machine to print jobs digitally rather than with screens.

  1. It is more cost effective over small volumes
  2. It is the preferred method for small volume jobs and samples.
  3. There is no limitation based on color count.
  4. Only works on primarily cotton garments.


There isn’t a true winner between these methods as each job is different. We primarily use the screenprinting method for jobs because it provides a higher quality feel and is less expensive at a higher volume. However for more detailed images with a large colour palate DTG will create a higher resolution finish.

Check out the process for both these methods.